Things My Mama Taught Me

Updated: May 12, 2019

There are a lot of things my mama taught me how to do, but cooking sure as heck wasn’t one of them. The only dish I learned how to make was potato salad. That was because her mom was “known for it”, and we would all ask for it every Thanksgiving (even if Granny wasn’t around). Oh! That’s another thing my mama taught me… how to stick around. I never grew up wondering where my mom was. She was ALWAYS there. And by always, I mean always. Wanting a head massage, stalking my social media, and at every single function. She was there when I made the cheerleading squad, and there when she pulled me off of the basketball team. She ran to my side when I broke my leg, and pushed me around in a wheelchair until I recovered. She taught me faithfulness.

My mama taught me how to do a back handspring, and told me that “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” when I was afraid to push through. She taught me how to keep it real, and set boundaries. Her famous words- “Block and delete.” (She didn’t teach me how to be sassy.. I just picked up on that one!)

My mom saved me from heartbreak. She taught me how to stay pure. She always encouraged me to not date anyone. Now I know, she was just teaching me how to save my heart for the man that God had for me. She always owned her mistakes and taught me how to not make the same ones she did.

My mama taught me how to be a lady. Knees together- always. Chipped nail polish- NEVER. Wear a slip. Hottest is modest. Only do one dramatic thing- strapless shirt or the heels, you choose. She definitely taught me that I am tender headed. Ouch. Don’t touch my hair!! But nails… You can touch my fingernails all day long. Painting our fingernails is kinda “our thing”!

Tea parties, Christmas parties, Jewelry parties, just-because-parties… There was always a party with my mom. Our house was never empty. She taught me how to be a great host, and to make sure every detail was thoughtful. Crafts, flower arrangements, curated gifts, you name it- mom made it. Her favorite thing ever- thrift shopping. She taught me how to be resourceful and to use my creativity.

I can’t believe she actually taught me school for a couple of years. Yes- I was homeschooled. And, I bet you don’t know what a lichen is. I do, because my mama was my teacher. She taught me in a way that I would remember every detail. I still remember the small things, the diagrams on the dry erase board, and the places she would take me. My mom would take us to get lunch and we would sit in the parking lot and eat in the car. I learned to love that, and now I do it with my husband.

My mom is a leader. She taught me that everyone deserves a voice. Justice is her middle name. I learned to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves, stand up to the bullies, and never be ashamed of doing the right thing. We always did bible studies, charity events, and mission trips together. She would speak out in boldness, and help broken people. One day, it got so wild that we pulled out crisco to anoint someone. Don’t ask.

She will admit to not always getting it right, but asking God to guide her along the way. If I made a list of everything she’s taught me, we would be here for a while. She’s still teaching me things, and I’ll never stop needing her wisdom! She’s fearless, genuine, and loyal. If you know her, then you love her. There’s only one like her, and I’m glad that I get the honor of calling her my mom.

I don’t have kids, but when I do I pray that I am everything she was for me. A role-model, a real life superhero, a friend. Thank you for the legacy that you are leaving for my future children. I will teach them all of the beautiful things that you’ve taught me. I am so proud to be your daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom! I love you!


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