Mann's on the Move

Our journey in St. Louis started 8 years ago when we first met at the Dream Center. Little did we know (at the time) that St. Louis, Missouri would be the place that we would start our life together. We flew straight into the snowy city after our honeymoon, unpacked our tiny apartment, and jumped right into ministry life. If I told you every detail about our time in this amazing city we would be here all day. To sum it all up: there were many highs, many tears, many God moments, many friends (who have turned into family), many Imo's pizza nights, many songs written, and a baby made in the middle of it all. It was indeed the most growing 3 and a half years of my life.

At the beginning of 2020 we started the conversation with God about what He had for us this year. He began stirring our hearts for revival. We went to Israel shortly after and I guess you could say that we came back changed. I can't fully describe into words what happened while we were there, but it was something so real and so personal to us. We fell in love with who Jesus was when He walked this earth, who He is to us now, and the Triumphant King that He will be when He comes back for us. As soon as we landed back in the U.S. we heard that COVID had taken over Israel. It broke out at the same sites that we had just visited, and a team that had just arrived was quarantined. Churches across America started shutting down, and Isaac and I continued to pray about what God's plan was in all of this. Is this the revival that He was bringing to our world that we felt at the beginning of this year? We soon found out that we were adding a baby to the mix! Okay.. maybe THIS is it! Hah! As we continued praying we felt God start transitioning our heart away from the St. Louis area, but had no clue what was next...

Here's the thing. It's always a scary moment when you realize God is calling you away from a season, city, job, church, and home that you're comfortable in. There were many restless nights asking God, "are you sure?"... We didn't really know where God was moving us next, and that was the scariest part. The funniest part is that I told Isaac at the beginning of the transition process that it was NOT Alabama. Here's the reason: I've always told Isaac that my desire is to 1) follow the voice of God, not a person 2) follow the leading of my husband and join him in his calling. Within a few weeks it was confirmed several times to us that our next season of life and ministry was to be in Mobile, AL. Hah! It was NOT because we "just wanted to be close to family in this season of life". Looking ahead, I am super thankful that I get to be close to my family with a baby on the way. It's more important to me though, that we are listening to the voice of the Lord, operating FULLY in the gifts of the spirit, pouring into people who need an encounter, and continuing to break down walls of religion and man made traditions. Family is a huge bonus- but this move is not rooted in that. I think it's funny though because God knows what we need even more than we do! Acceleration was the word that the Lord had given us- that we would be launched in a way that we could never imagine. SO- when He said "move"- we did. We put our house on the market and it sold within the first day with 8 offers on the table. We believe that what God is doing inside of us is like a baby in the womb that has to be carried to fruition. (Kinda funny that I'm pregnant right?") We still don't know what it looks like moving forward, but we know there will be growth, some labor pains, and the birthing of something so, so beautiful. We are trusting Him every step of the way and EXCITED to see it unfold.

Of course we will miss our St. Louis family, but my prayer for you is that you will let the Holy Spirit lead your life, and that you will embrace all of the WONDER that God has in store for you!

With all my love,



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