IDENTITY // begins and ends at the cross

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Hi friends! There's an account on instagram called (@weareunveiled) & they asked me to share a few things about identity, so I wrote a little "something something" for them! I thought I would share it here as my first blog post for the people who missed it! It's short, sweet, and to the point. Hope you are ENCOURAGED by it, and it gives you fresh perspective on the Cross and His love for us. Thanks for stopping by!

When you were a little girl did you ever pick a flower, peel off the petals one by one, and say, “He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not”? I know I sure did. When I got to the last petal, I would always silently hope that it would end on “He loves me.” (I’m almost positive that’s every girl’s wish).⠀

I think the greatest revelation in my walk with Christ and my identity in Him, is knowing that when it comes to our first love -Jesus - we can pull off the petals from a flower all day long...but the outcome never changes. For EVERY petal that falls we can shout, “He loves me, He loves me, He loves me, HE LOVES ME.” ⠀

Our identity starts at the cross. Heaven went bankrupt for US. People make the cross a negative thing… like, Jesus died because we are worthless, and dirty. I honestly think that the Heavenly Father saw how WORTHY we were, how VALUABLE we were and decided to give everything just so we can truly see how God's design: Chosen. Set apart. Beautiful. Strong. Royalty. ⠀

When I discovered how valuable I was… no guy, no drug, no sin, no insecurity was stopping me from my destiny. I valued myself enough to excuse myself from bad situations, parties, or bad relationships and I decided to stay pure until I was married. ⠀

I always felt that I never really had a testimony because I didn’t have far to stand back up from a major fall. Does that mean I’ve lived a perfect life? Absolutely not. The Bible says… “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” One day God showed me my identity and that it was better for me to just believe God’s Word, stand on it, and have an obedient testimony of His keeping power to not get trapped in the habitual bondage of a certain sin. I no longer struggle that I don't have a sacrificial testimony. I now embrace my testimony and rest in the fact that Jesus made me who I am, He planned my life from the very end to the beginning, and He never gets tired of reassuring His love for me… One. Petal. At. A. Time.

Here are a few pictures to screenshot! Use them as your background to remind yourself of your identity and... His love for you.

Go to instagram, check out my feature on @weareunveiled, and follow them for more encouragement!

I made this video a couple of months ago for a girl's night called " SHE DEFIES" . My friend, Maddie Kitchen (@maddiee_joy), had the most beautiful vision to gather local girls and to lift the name of Jesus high. We had our first event on May 19th and God wrecked us! We kicked the night off with this video. It speaks straight to our identity so I thought I would share it here. Enjoy!


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