Growing up, I got to do things that other kids my age didn’t get to do. I got to fly on private jets, hang out with famous people, and travel to different countries. My family wasn’t wealthy, and they definitely didn’t spoil me. My mom had a lucrative business, but gave it away to go into full time ministry. You say crazy? ... She says God. I saw what hard work and sacrifice looked like first hand. I honestly didn’t realize it at the time, but there was a season that my parents were struggling just to buy groceries because they wanted to follow God. I also saw how much God blessed them because they were walking in His will. Of course, my parents trusted God, and they never wanted my brother an

d I to want for anything. As God would have it, we got home one night and to our surprise we couldn’t see the bottom of our back porch. Someone literally filled the whole thing with groceries. I’m talking… little Debbie cakes, chips, soda…(and of course the other important stuff) BUT from my memory… All the things any young person would love to have! I remember my mom just crying and pulling everyone together to pray and thank God for being so faithful to us. My parents didn’t just trust God, they taught us how to walk in the FAVOR of God.

fa·vor - an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual. Favor has been something that I have held onto tightly over these years. It’s something that I pray for every day. I can walk through life trusting God, but I can also ask God to favor my life. God makes me laugh sometimes because it seems as if He always want to “show off” in my life AFTER I submit to Him. When I try to do things my own way, He doesn’t bless it. OR, I’ve noticed that He reminds me that He has my back in every situation.

One day, I walked up to someone at church and said “Good morning” with the biggest smile on my face. Guess what? This person stared at me in the face and IGNORED me. I was like "OKAY, JESUS... Check my heart!!!"

After we got home from that Sunday, Isaac and I began to debrief on how the day went. He proceeded to tell me that a man came up to him after worship and shared a prophetic word. As he was telling me what the man spoke, I began to get teary eyed because it hit spot on to our season. It even lined up with the person that ignored me that morning. Come to find out, this word was spoken before this person even ignored me. God was showing me that He had my back before the enemy could even TRY to shake me. A couple of days later we received a check in the mail from this same guy. He said he wanted to sow into our ministry. When we opened the check, the amount that he wrote us was the exact amount that we tithe every month. It was also the exact amount that we needed to get us through the month. I’m telling youuuuuuu, GOD IS FAITHFUL.

In this season of life, we don’t have a lot of extra money so when things break or shut down we have to just use what we already have. Well, my car began to get to the point of shaking and squeaking. We took it the shop and they said it was going to be expensive to fix it, so we decided that it was time to sell the car. Every time we tried to sell it, nobody wanted it. We were stuck with this car and only had one that was getting us around. We told each other that we were just gonna trust God and do what we had to do for the time being.

Out of the blue one day, Isaac and I were sitting at lunch and he got a call. The next thing I know, Isaac’s mouth drops and his eyes pop out of his head. He says “Do we want to buy your car for $10.00????” Someone literally called and said, “Hey.. I know that you are having car troubles… Do you want to buy my 2011 Toyota Sienna for $10”? WHAAATTT. God gave us a car. And to top it off, it has 2 sunroofs, a tv screen, all the features, and sits 8 people comfortably. We don’t have kids yet, but this is the biggest blessing for when we do. We are now the proud owners of a MINI VAN! Haha.

I wanted to share these ENCOURAGING stories with you because this past season hasn’t been so encouraging. I have been persecuted on every side. I’ve had to turn my tears to prayers, and my disappointment to thanksgiving. I’ve been pushing every day, knowing that God is working ALL things for good. God reminded me of the story of Joseph. He was persecuted by HIS OWN BROTHERS. After many years had passed Jospeh saw that what they did to him was all a part of God’s plan. In Genesis 45:5 it says, “But don’t be upset, and don’t be angry with yourselves for selling me to this place. It was God who sent me here ahead of you to preserve your life.” UM.. Now that IS seeing through the lens of God. This scripture has gotten me through all the times I’ve been ignored, talked about, and overlooked. Joseph’s brother’s sold him and he STILL said, “That’s okay, God was in it”. I want to encourage someone today that God is in it. He sees you in the prison crying. He sees you in the wilderness hungry. He’s in every part of your life and is wanting to anoint you RULER over all the land. THAT is what the favor of God looks like. You thought you were destined for the pit but God favors you, pulls you out and puts you in charge. Hold fast to His promises. Keep pushing and praying for God’s favor to follow your life. I am holding onto the times that God has provided, because it reminds me that He can do it again. AND HE WILL. We serve a good father. Psalm 23:6 says, “Surely your goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.” Such a treasure to hold onto.

“I pray a blessing of uncommon favor with God and man on your life today. I pray that God will put you in high places and that you will walk among KINGS. You won’t sit on the floor begging for scraps, but you will taste of the fullness. You will have the very best. I pray that as you are faithful to God, He will in turn be faithful to you. The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much, and I believe that the prayers you have been praying WILL be answered. I pray that whoever is dry and weary, you drink from the cup that never runs dry. For the one who is barren, your land will be plentiful. To the one who is broken, you will be mended back together with grace. I pray that God will MAKE UP every single LET DOWN. You are prosperous because He has promised us this. I pray that we don’t walk around with an entitled attitude, but we remain in a state of gratefulness knowing that we don’t deserve a single thing. Its only by GRACE that we are faultless in God’s sight. I pray this all in the name of Jesus. AMEN.”

Blessings y’all,



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